Settlers Vs Native American Settlers

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Throughout the history of America many challenges have been met and from them this nation has evolved into one of the greatest ever conceived. One of these challenges came from the conflicts that arose from two very different cultures. On one hand we view the settlers from the “Old World” and on the other we find the Native People of the “New World”. The settlers from the “Old World” wished only to find a land to freely worship as they wish. However, they felt it only just to take the lands that they deemed as “God’s Gift”. The Native American’s did not hold such entitlements to land but only sought to live as one with nature. Thus we find the conflict between two great social structures.
During the early settlement of America several
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However, they did not fare well and any written or oral history has been lost. Several hundred years later Columbus landed in America and began the first literature writings of the Native Americas. In one of his letters to the King and Queen of Spain he describes the Native Americans as “fearful and timid” and “full of fear”. He views them as easily conquered by their modern army and could then in turn become Christians devoted solely to all the royalty of Spain. With this thought in mind Columbus easily persuades the European Nations that the Indians would fall easily into servitude “When your Highness so command, they can be carried off to the Castile or held captive in the island itself, since with 50 men they would all be kept in subjection and forced to do whatever may be wished” (Columbus, 1493). Many of the explorers presented a disdain for the many different cultures of the Native Americans as essentially pagan savages.
Religion throughout the history of America also played an important role on how the Puritans viewed the native people. As with all cultures it has put up an overwhelming barrier when the two attempt to coexist in the same land. This had a direct impact for the Puritans as they saw the Native Americans religion as directly related to devil worshipping and witch craft. Prior to settling in New England William Bradford wrote about the preconceptions and
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The romantic concept of the “Noble Savage” was mainly embraced by those that did have direct contact with the Native Americans. Those who interacted with them continually saw them as inferior and lacking of common rights. Unfortunately due to these many misconceptions and personal outlooks that took place in early America contributed to the English attitudes towards the Native Americans escalating to further negativity and conflict. This can be reflected in the general stereotypes that some believe are attributed to Native Americans such as “Indian Princess” or “Speak Indian”. It has however, undergone through dramatic changes depending on the current relationships between the two cultures and thus has greatly influenced literature not only on the English side but the Native American side as
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