The Seven Dimensions Of Wellness At Work

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Introduction Wellness is an important aspect to control in order to live a healthy, sustaining, and happy life. There are basic qualities of wellness that are important to examine, and when these qualities are out of balance then it greatly impacts our way of life and our quality of life. It is important to recognize each of the seven dimensions of wellness, and actively improve the ones that are lacking in our lives. Physical Wellness Physical wellness is generally thought of about in terms of how healthy the human body is as a working machine. When thinking about being physically healthy, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep come to our attention. These aspects of maintaining physical wellness protect us from chronic illnesses and improve the quality of our active life. Emotional Wellness When feeling emotionally composed, we can manage our emotions because we are aware of them. Also, we have a mostly optimistic understanding of ourselves, other people we meet, and the situations presently occurring in our lives. According to the American Psychological Association’s 2015 Stress in America study, 40% of the studies adults admitted to lying awake due to stress. Because we all experience stress, we must learn how to control the stress to keep our emotional wellness healthy. If…show more content…
However, work occupational wellness does not just focus on our paid work environment, but it also encompasses the non-paid occupations such as parents, care givers, or volunteer work. Our occupational wellness involves our gifted abilities, interests, morals, and the contentment we gain from our careers. It is found that on average Americans spend almost twenty hours per week working. On top of that, we are working later into life. With the quantity of time consumed by our jobs and occupation, there is no wonder why occupational wellness is a vital element of living a fulfilling

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