Seven Habit Profile Analysis

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Task 2
This paper is to explain my style of leadership reflecting my effectiveness through the Seven Habit profile scores and will be used to evaluate my strength, my weaknesses and recommendations. This seven habits profile analysis result would be used with SMART goals

Reflection on Seven Habits Profile
The Seven Habbit Profile Reflection will be use to as a tool to qualify the nine categories of my scores.
My scores is as follows

16/18 Emotional Bank Account
16/18 Life Balance
17/18 Be Proactive
17/18 Begin With The End in Mind
15/18 Put First Thing First
18/18 Think To Win
15/18 Seek to Understand First
17/18 Synergy
14/18 Sharpen the Saw

After completing the Seven Habits Profile, the result showed that I am considered
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Think Win-Win: I scored my self 18/18 "outstanding" I don 't have a competitive mindset, I rather seek for a situation that will benefit all my team members and other managers in our organization, I am not seeking for a way to make other fall just for me to succeed, I work as a team member and I seek for the success of everyone in my organization as my own, this is one of the factors promoting the success of my organization.

Seek First to Understand: I scored my self 15/18 "very good" I listen to others to understand their situations and their concerns, for me to shows them some concerns, I need to listen to them first, understand and view their situation from their own perspectives, I don 't judge nor impose my advice on them but I tried to put myself in their shoes and present my own view in a way that will be of help to them without hurting their feelings.

Synergize : I scored my self 17/18 "outstanding" I am a good team player who value differences and opinions of other team members, and I always open myself emotionally to work with them. I don 't see their differences negatively, but I rather see them as benefits, learn why when have those differences and use them to improve my emotions and social life. Learning and others people difference and so many benefits behind them has really contributed to my success a as construction manager on many our projects in our
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According to my results from Seven Habit of Profile, there are many leadership characteristics in me that help me to a great leader, one of these strengths is the ability to build a strong sense of oneness in our organization, I relates with my employer and colleagues at work as one body and this is promoting a very strong relationships in our organization, knowing them more, have one on one conversation, creating room for freedom and focus on the opportunities of friendly working environments for our and making our work to be more enjoyable and creating any form of changes and innovations without any

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