Seven Habits Profile

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The Seven Habits Profile gives individuals such as myself a strong understanding on leadership strengths and weaknesses. The profile asks a series of questions and takes your scores to break down your Seven Habit effectiveness. There are 9 areas of focus; two foundational habits and seven habits. Each of the categories is scored on a scale that has a range of 3-18, with 3 being the lowest and 18 being the highest. The Seven Habits Profile showed that I am “outstanding” in 4 categories and “very good” in 5. This indicates I have strong leadership habits of an effective leader, and my employees will be confident in my leadership abilities. Even though the lowest score categories are “very good” the Seven Habits Profile highlighted several areas…show more content…
Category 2, a foundation habit, showed that I scored consistently across all areas. The one that I feel weakest about is working hard in a way that avoids burn out. I tend to become quite passionate about my work and exhaust myself overtime. In the evenings, I try to keep busy to stay focused on life but will burn myself out thinking to hard occasionally. I take pride in the ability that I can balance priorities and am considerate of others needs and concerns when working on tasks.
Be Proactive (Score=15, very good). Category 3, a seven habit, showed that I scored consistently across all areas. Of these areas scored I feel that sometimes I do blame others when my mood is off. I tend take actions that would put blame on another person during these rare instances. I have a strong control over my life and I focus my energy on tasks I have control over.
Begin With the End in Mind (Score=16, outstanding). Category 4, a seven habit, showed my primary weakness to be organizing myself to avoid a crisis mode. I feel like I have a solid handle on accomplishments in my life now. When I have multiple projects, I tend to have a focused energy and sometimes forget other areas that require attention as well. Within the past year I have done better in this area but still need improvement. I consistently have a clear plan to my week and follow a daily task list during my
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