Seven Sins In Hamlet Research Paper

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In the play Hamlet by William Shakespeare many references to Dante's Inferno seven sins are used. Out of the seven wrath was used the most. Hamlet and Claudius committed many sins to each other but all were out of wrath. The reason why Hamlet killed Claudius wasn’t out of pride for his father it was his hatred for Claudius. Hamlets pride for his father became wrath for claudius and his self-gains. Wrath is an intense emotional response. Wrath is also known as anger. Claudius kills wants to kill Hamlet because Hamlet knows about how Claudius killed King Hamlet. Unlike killing King Hamlet out of jealousy and pride he wants to kill Prince Hamlet purely on knowing too much. Claudius was filled with so much hatred he was going blind with it. Claudius…show more content…
Laertes was rash and quick to judge. When first coming back to Denmark he had a sword to Claudius’s neck thinking Claudius killed his father. Laertes wanted to see his father’s murder die, so he challenged him to a duel. Laertes poisoned his rapier to make sure it was Hamlet’s last fight. Laertes wanted to kill same as Hamlet. Both of these men wanted revenge and hated the man of their father’s death. Others would say the most used sin in Hamlet would be pride because that's how it all started and Hamlet did everything for his pride towards his father. I say nay! Nor was it for his father but for himself! Hamlet did many of his games and hurting of his family and friends because of his wrath towards Claudius and his helpers. Did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern need to die for King Hamlet? No, Hamlet killed them out of wrath for helping Claudius. Hamlet crossed the line to where it was for himself not his father. Wrath is the most used and worst sin in Hamlet. Everyone close to Hamlet died and Fortinbras was able to take control of Denmark because of wrath. The play Hamlet started with the sin pride but ended with wrath controlling everyone’s death. Wrath is a very deadly sin that affects everyone that is around it. Hamlet’s justice was quickly turned to revenge from
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