Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals Analysis

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Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (”SDGs”) were established at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015, by the world leaders to break down the old divisions between developing and developed countries (“Sustainable Development Agenda”, web). Accordingly, SDGs indicate worldwide problems that need to be solved, ranging from people’s wellbeing to educational equality. The world is changing rapidly that quality education is regarded as a significant factor to improve the quality of the society by providing equal opportunity. Conversely, the problem of the poverty hampered the progress of developing countries. Among these goals, some are being well carried out while other comparatively complex goals are thwarted in the…show more content…
It means that money or economics are just a short term solution, while the quality education goal is viewed as the most achievable because of its long term possible outcome. Consequently, once a person received an education, he/she can transfer his/her knowledge which is an ongoing process that would definitely make the change in the foreseeable future. Let's understand the UN objective for this goal targets firstly: UN forth goal is known as quality education goal (“Sustainable Development Goal 4”, the web). Ordinarily, SDGs aim to ensure that everyone has the right to access to the quality education system. In order to make it possible, they try to create an effective learning outcome by certifying that every child able to achieve quality education system. As well as keep supporting and increasing youth and adults, including disability people that have skills and abilities in each field by giving the opportunity to access into quality facilities. Also, make sure that every child achieves literacy and numeracy equally. From the next four years (2016-2020), they focus on giving out scholarships especially in developing countries. Furthermore, increase the number of qualified teachers. Lastly, promote sustainable development goal through…show more content…
Here are some reasons to indicate why the quality education is regarded as the most possible to achieve. One of the reasons is there are many interesting programs, activities and policies supporting quality education. From the previous year, there is huge progress for quality education in almost every single place. For instance, UNICEF collaborates with Gucci celebrate education successes around Africa and Asia by helping those in need people (Penzhorn, 2014). Through these activities, children will get the opportunity to learn and obtain the right to be educated which is the foundation way to solve this problem. Meanwhile, women’s educational awareness has been improved too. Before women do not receive any supports or a right to be educated because of some wrong culture believes. Especially in developing countries, but it has changed now. A very great example relevant to this is the adolescent girl called Mbalu, who is from the club in Sierra Leone, which is tackled teenage pregnancy and engenders independence. As a mentor in E.L.A (English language association program), she encourages other girls to have passion because everyone has the right to receive a higher education. According to this, women around the world become more interested in education, inequality has also been addressed as a preliminary solution, and it means that we are not far from achieving

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