Seventeenth Century English Colonies Research Paper

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In North America during the seventeenth century there were a lot of changes, a lot conflicts and a lot of resolutions. The English colonies that were established during this time period underwent huge amounts of change. Some of these changes were good and some of these changes were bad. They would go from being almost left to themselves to being one of the biggest things for the monarchy, for a number of reasons. The English government was not involved in the colonies in the 1600s. They were preoccupied. During the beginning of the seventeenth century, England was dealing with a civil war and their ongoing war with France, these events consumed their time. Another major reason why they weren 't involved was due to the distance between them. For news to travel or even people from North America to England it would take over a month. This meant that the news would always be out of date. …show more content…

The charter of the Massachusetts Bay Colony was revoked after the reports of their recent events and deviations from the King 's rules were sent back to England.The English court took away the Massachusetts charter and combined it and some other territories to the Dominion of New England, which was ruled by a representative of the government. After the Glorious Revolution, many of the colonies were given back their charters after they were taken away by James revoked them. Although, they came with a clause that stated that they were going to be royal colonies. England increased their royal control on North American colonies, which brought displeasure to the colonies because they were pessimistic about England. So they did not want the monarchy in having a say in what they do. Nevertheless, they still appreciated the protection from hostile neighbors, that the monarchy provided. An example of this was in King Williams was where they won and thus giving them a sense of military

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