The Seventh Grade Has Changed Me In Every Way

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Seventh grade has changed me in every way. It has both changed me mentally and physically. I’ve had to sacrifice sleep and time to finish assignments, i 've had to stay up late to study, i 've had to become mentally and emotionally strong to get through rough days, i 've had to go out for a run to practice stamina, i’ve had to learn how to fit within the crowd but also never forget who i was. Going threw the seventh grade has made me more mature and made me more cautious of my decisions. Coming into the seventh grade I had no clue how it was going to be because my elementary didn 't prepare us, but I knew that it was a new chapter in my life and there was going to be a lot of challenges and hard decisions. This school year isn 't over yet but the seven months that I have been in the seventh grade I learned that nothing is more important than finishing your homework and getting all your assignments in. I also learned to never wait until the last second to do assignments. Seventh grade has been a great experience and a big challenge but I 'm glad I got to finish the year strong and confident.
My first year at Sam Brannan has changed me into a very confident and athletic person.
I learn best when I am alone with no distractions. I believe I am a slow and Independent learner. For
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I contribute to Sam Brannan by presenting myself to school everyday, putting all my effort in class, participating on school activities and after school sports, walking the school halls with a smile on my face even if it 's not my day. I also contribute to the country and the world by being a helpful hand and always trying to boost someone 's self confidence up. I would love to change the way the world is and how it works in a snap but I can 't, so I try to be someone 's diary or someone that people can trust and tell everything to. If I can make someone smile for even a second it would make my day because I know that I 'm doing my best to help someone be positive and I know that I 'm
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