Personal Narrative: My Seventh Year In High School

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Junior High years were pretty… interesting to say the least. Seventh grade was my first year in the high school. Yes, I was pretty nervous going into a school with kids who were much, much older than me. I knew I wasn’t the only one nervous. That kind of helped my brain chill out a bit. Everyone in my class was probably going through the same type of fear. I remember for the first few weeks we had to share lockers. No joke. I had to share a locker with Mackenzie. After the couple weeks were up with that, they decided who got to stay there, and I was the one to stay. She got kind of mad, as she was the one who had to go upstairs with the eighth grade. I don’t even know how I remember that, I just knew it happened. It was pretty funny watching…show more content…
What a whirlwind that was. I walked into the new school year ready to be prepared. Boy, was I in for a surprise. My schedule was alright. The only down fall? My first period class was all the way on the top floor. My locker was in the basement. So just to let you know, walking upstairs bright and early in the morning is never a fun time. I had Mrs. Stath first period. It was her first year teaching eighth grade, so it was a new day for everyone. I really like Mrs. Stath. She is a neat and fun lady. She is very outgoing, but is very strict when needs to be. I feel like I learned a lot from her. I seriously think she was the only teacher I could tolerate in the eighth grade. Oh, well. The most exciting part of eighth grade was obviously going to Washington, D.C. I had never really traveled anywhere further from Tennessee until that trip. It was a very long bus ride, but it was so worth it. We spent three days and two nights there. Everything there was just amazing. I love how every town and/or city has a unique part about it. Walking the streets of D.C. was such an interesting experience. We met so many new people and ate at many different restaurants. Obviously the food was amazing. I wish I could stay there much, much longer. I felt like the trip was so rushed. I wish I had more time to go back and look at everything in the museums just one more time. Maybe one day when I am not broke and my mother lets me travel further than Hancock
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