Seventh Grade Narrative

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When I was in seventh grade my grades were struggling because I was immature and never did or turned in my homework. This was partially the result of my age. I am a year younger than most of the rest of my class. My parents, teachers, and administrator got together and discussed the benefits of holding me back to redo the seventh grade. I wasn 't fond of the idea, mostly because all of my friends would be moving on without me. Not to mention who wants to go through an extra year of school. So I was not excited when when my parents told me I may be held back. The one benefit I could think of was that I wouldn’t be at a disadvantage when it comes to sports. Overall I was afraid of what my parents might decide. I told my friends about the potential of me being held back. They didn’t like the idea either. I wasn’t looking forward to the humiliation of redoing seventh grade. I didn’t want people to think I was stupid. After my parents thought over it for a few weeks, talked to my to my teachers, and listened to me begging them to let me move on to the eighth grade, they finally elected to let me graduate seventh grade.…show more content…
The scare of being held back kicked my butt into shape and ultimately effected me for the best. I was making better grades and as a result my parents were much more pleased with me. I was happy that they were proud of me and it was much better than before when they were always frustrated and disappointed with me. All things considered i am very grateful for this experience. I was extremely grateful of their decision. Not only was I able to stay with my friends, but it also gave me a wake up call. The following year I got my grades up and got accepted and inducted to the National Junior Honor Society. This was a great accomplishment for me. My parents were proud and so was I. I was even excelling in my athletics and I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of my
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