Severe Influences In Walt Whitman's Song Of Myself

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In Walt Whitman’s “song of myself”, there is many reverences to himself. I am going to pick out some of the references to himself and explain what I believe that they mean to me. On the first line of the poem, “I celebrate myself, and sing myself” (Whitman 1330). Which says to me that Walt Whitman is proud out his accomplishments that he has achieved thought out his life. Even the accomplishments that were viewed as not good or not worthy of praise. In the third stanza, Whitman is talking about how everyone is calmly judging people and putting them into categories. However, according to Whitman, “I am silent, and go bathe and admire myself” (Whitman 1332). This says to me that he did not care what other people were doing. He did not judge anyone…show more content…
The one character that treats the workers the worst out of the visitors to the mine is Kirby. He would laugh at the workers expense and make the workers that due work in one night than Kirby probably never has. Kirby states talking about the worker, “They’re bad enough, that’s true. A desperate set, I fancy” (Davis 1714). This says to me that Kirby does not care what happens to his workers. Kirby also expects his works to do any task that he tells them to do or he or fire them. This puts me in mine of Hillary Clinton who wanted to close down coalmines in West Virginia. I believe that Kirby if he was running for president than he would be a democrat. Kirby also reminds me of a man like J.D. Rockefeller or Andrew Carnage. Doctor May treated Wolf the best out of the visitors. It seems to me that Doc. May wanted to help wolf sincerely. When the man found the figure that wolf craved May was, surprised that wolf had the talent to carve the figure. He complimented wolf on the figure and he told wolf, “that that it was the right to rise” (Davis 1720). Which says to me that May wants wolf to rise up and become someone that people would admire. If may was to run for president than he wound be a Republican because he wants the little man to rise to a new level. Mr. Mitchell probably was probably a worker his self but no to the same work as Wolf. Mitchell was a mean man but he was mean to everyone not just wolf or the workers. Mr. Mitchell was a man that probably was intelligent as doctor May. “Mr. Mitchell had simply touched his hat, as to an equal, with a quiet look of though recognition” (Davis 1720). This says to that Mitchell at some point would have worked a job that was hard labor and he understands were wolf is at in life. This puts me in reminds me of the grandpa talking to his grandson saying that something like
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