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Last night I made the purpose join the Sex Abuse Chat on Twitter, created by Rachel Thompson and Bobbi Parish. Every Tuesday night they discuss important topics about sex abuse offering help to those who have suffered or still suffering any type of abuse. I highly recommend everyone to join these valuable chats; the community itself is a site of relief were I 've met brave souls sharing their most frighten experiences and journeys towards recovery. Although I have poured myself openly through my writings and life, in general, I 've kept one painful memory from many feeling I dealt with the repercussions many years ago. That wound opened once again during my participation last night. Now, I see it less as triggered but more as a lesson; no one has to endure any type of abuse either sexual or emotional, there are ways to free from the chains of manipulation and injustice. During the fall back in 2007, my marriage entered its final stages of a breakdown due to many reasons, more specifically, financial reasons that made us both bitter. He…show more content…
On the other hand, I had the support of my mother who couldn 't tolerate this vicious cycle my life had become. She particularly knew I had lost my self-worth and being the strong woman she is, finally asked me if my wish was to remain married. No, mom, I said, Cris keeps cutting my wings to fly away. That 's all she needed to know, in the days that followed I was on my way back to Bolivia. Needless to say, my ex-husband 's family planned to have the boys indefinitely, "I miss the days of having babies around the house" my mother in law said, I was horrified. "If that is a case, I advised you to have your own children and leave mine alone". On my return to the states, the ex-didn 't spoke to me for two weeks, another of his manipulation techniques. It didn 't matter anymore, my life with him was over. The little belongings I had fit into the trash bags, my two children by my side I said good-bye to all the abuse I 've

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