Advertisement Analysis Assignment

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Alyssa Sardelli
Gender and Sex Roles
Angels Trias-Valls
6 February 2015
Ad Analysis Assignment The advertisement I have chosen to analyze is from BMW, the car company, which was released in 2002 (Lixil Graphics Ltd.) in Italy (MayDream, INC.). The advertisement is of an undressed man and a woman wearing only a black bra, in a bed, in which are clearly engaging in sexual intercourse. The man is on top, and the woman is on the bottom. The advertisement, other than blatantly using sex appeal to attract the public to the advertisement, has caused a lot of controversy over the fact that the woman has a magazine with a BMW vehicle, which is printed across a two page spread, completely covering her face. The only caption on poster reads, “The ultimate
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When studying the image, I came across many different elements that I questioned. The first thing I noticed and questioned about the advertisement is the appearances of the models chosen for this shoot. Both models are slim and tan. The man is muscular, does not have a flaw on his body, and has beautiful long hair. The woman is very thin where her rib cage is slightly visible. Are we supposed to look like this in order to drive a BMW? The advertisement is setting highly unrealistic expectations for the viewers in which can cause public health problems including but not limited to depression and eating…show more content…
After thoroughly studying the image, I came across many elements that disturbed me. I am not fond of the fact that both models are seamlessly “perfect” in societies eyes. Hasn’t there been a large pull by the people to separate unrealistic expectations from the models in magazines to how people really are? Why does BMW need to go back into it? The fact that the woman’s face is completely hidden by the two-page spread of the vehicle is disgusting. Women are not just objects to be used for pleasure and nothing else. The stereotypes being forced through this advertisement are not valid whatsoever. Lastly, the saying chosen for this 2002 advertisement is shameful. Personifying a vehicle to represent sexual pleasure and domination is completely discreditable. I was very disappointed with this
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