Sex And Body Constructions In Fashion Advertising

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Sex and Body Constructions in
Fashion Advertising Nur Nadira Ahmad Jani Communication Design, Year 3 2014/2015 The Glasgow School of Art Dr Jesse O’Neill Word Count: Introduction Many researches and studies on fashion advertising about it portrays its identity has been analysed. There are two main identities that have been portrayed: 1) Sex 2) Body ideals. The review of this literature has focus on these subjects; using sex to advertise products and the image of models and how it affects the society. The message sent across is not necessary positive and there are different views on the topic. The purpose of this study is to analysed the reaction from the consumers regarding the use of sex in advertisements and also the portrayals of models in it. Review of Literature Sex in Advertisements Sexual images are often used in fashion advertisements. It is one of the most popular way to capture attention is the usage of explicit content. Research has shown different views of using sex in advertisements. The term “sex sells” still stands still. Undoubtedly, sex in advertising captures attention. “Seducing” consumers puts the message across the fastest (Aletti, 2005). Aletti (2005) identifies ads from Calvin Klein can be distinguished easily rather than ads from Burberry. Even though Burberry’s ads are targeted to a specific group of consumers, Calvin Klein underwear ads are attention grabbing and would be imprinted in viewer’s memory for a longer time. Sengupta and

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