Sex Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

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Sex Trafficking is a form of modern day slavery that exists throughout the United States and globally. It is one of the biggest lies in society (Farley et., 2014). The Vanderbilt Law Review indicates that the majority of prostitutes do not enter the prostitution lifestyle on their own free will choice, but instead becomes a prostitute due to a variety of vulnerabilities that both pimps and traffickers exploit. This explains why young women get blindsided and think they are becoming a prostitute when in reality they are a sex trafficking victim (Elrod 2015). When the United States made prostitution illegal, it did not change the mentality of the johns. The johns still have the desire to have sex and feel dominant. In order to keep up with…show more content…
One of the main tactics pimps use to recruit girls is by manipulating them. A pimp stalks a girl that he thinks is broken or struggling after a relationship break up, or a loss of a family member, and he makes them feel loved or gives them gifts to make them feel better. They use different styles of manipulation including: debt bondage, fake romance, false promises of jobs, and bribery (Weitzer 2007). Debt Bondage. Debt bondage can be psychologically and emotionally devastating, especially when you have limited resources to pay off the debt. Debt bondage, is an ideal tactic for traffickers in the commercial sex industry in order to keep victims in an unending and all-consuming situation because it keeps victims silent, psychologically broken, and enslaved until their debt is paid (Sex Trafficking 2018). Being in debt for them is an unending cycle, pimps can keep adding to their debt by charging for basic necessities such as shelter, food, or hygiene toiletries (Seals…show more content…
The first couple of days they are treated very well, but after the women get comfortable they start the break in process, which is usually around two weeks of torture. After the break in process things get better, but they still live is harsh unimaginable conditions (Sex Trafficking 2018). Violence. The ABT Association did a study in the United States, that shows 73% of prostituted women have been raped while providing commercial sex, 59% of them victims have been raped five or more times (Hunt et al., 2012). Violence is a very common occurrence in the sex industry and can lead to death. The most frequent causes of death are suicide, alcohol-drug related problems, and STD 's. (Carrasquillo 2014). After reviewing several different articles, it has been concluded that STD 's/ HIV infections double the amount of deaths than any other

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