Out Of Love And Hate Analysis

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He denies Leticia right to inherit him because he thinks giving money to the poor is foolishness. His dominating character and his power seeking goal leads him to consider marrying another woman “in high circles” to help him in fulfilling his dreams and goals. In order to pave the way for achieving his goal, he replaces his wife with the twelve year old girl; Nena. He picks Nena from the streets and hides her in his house’s basement. He uses her as a sex-tool in order to fulfill his sexual needs and to manifest his sexist and violent authority over her. Through the play, Fornes links sexuality and violence together as they perform as a method of maintaining systems of oppression. He practices violence on Nena in a shape of repeated rape. Due to his obsession of domination and control, he wants to oppress her feeling of pain and humiliation as a result of his repeated assaults. Orlando: what I do to you is out of love. Out of want. It’s not what you think. I wish you didn’t have to be hurt. I don’t do it out of hatred. It is not out of rage. It’s love. It’s a quiet feeling. It’s a pleasure. It is quiet and it pierces my insides in the most internal way. It’s my most private self.…show more content…
She cannot face Orlando with his abusive behaviour. Leticia abject her feelings of exploitation and disintegration on Nena. She refuses to admit her husband beastiality for raping a teenager and chooses to be blind. Her inability to face Orlando suggests that she know her exact role in this marriage contract. She represents the victim and the tyrant at the same time. She is a victim of Orlando’s violent abusive behaviour. She cannot express her refusal of his behaviour or even face him, which suggests that she is a prisoner in this house as Nena. Moreover, she also represents the tyrant by ignoring the fact that her husband actually keeps a child in their basement as a
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