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Suggestion to Improve Management and Prevention of Sex Crime The sex crime is carried out by a motivated offender and the ways to minimize the chance provided to the offenders to commit a crime is the most important measure. Preventative recidivism among sex offenders requires more extensive measures comprising of supervision, assessing weaknesses through cognitive behavior therapy and chemical treatment (Leclerc, Proulx, & Beauregard, 2009). Therefore, multiple regulation and prevention method can be performed to make the current method more comprehensive. In response to the problem of cyber safeties, the current prevention method adopt is to emphasize the dangers of meeting an online friend in real life. The government highlight…show more content…
The government should present the frequency of crime rate associating with the internet dating in reality. The citizens should also be filled with knowledge that how to minimize their chance of being a victim when they meet their online friends. The citizens cautious will raise under the mass education methods and they will pay attention to the method suggested by the government. Besides, in order to make the crime has fewer chances to happen, the extend guardianship should be applied. By extend guardianship, the citizens should take routine precaution, by taking the routine precaution, the citizens will be careful when they need to meet people for the first time. The citizen will go out with a group at night, carry a phone and have friend watch over each other to protect themselves, the citizens will not meet the anonymous people meet on the internet alone when they see in real time before really understanding each other. Moreover, the reduce anonymity should be practised as well when people see their online “friend” in real life to prevent the crime from happening such asƒ asking the details on the people identity or daily life to know more about the people, when many questions are asked, the anonymity will reduce and this will help reduce…show more content…
By taking references on the other countries like Argentina and Europe countries like Poland and the United Kingdom, these countries perform chemical castration to sex offenders to prevent them from re-committing their crime (Christine, 2012). Chemical castration can be performed on voluntary therapy basis and help sex offenders to rehabilitate.The early treatment programs are successful in achieving a moderate reduction in recidivism among those sex offenders studied. The chemical castration will help those prisoners who want to rehabilitate themselves from their sex crime and avoiding to relapse into the criminal behavior. The methods can be seen as a protection to public safety from sex offenders. It is because even though the castration is a supplement and voluntarily, this method helps sex offender to fix their mistake by preventing their recidivism in a medical intervention and control them if they cannot control themselves from committing a sex

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