Sex Discrimination In India

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Public Policy and Sex Discrimination in Employment in India, Author: P. Andiappan : He writes about the role that women play in any society and the various factors including the public policy. In this paper, the legal remedies for sex discrimination in employment in India are analyzed with a view to suggesting changes in the Public policy. The study also highlighted different cases involving sex discrimination under Article 16. It shows that the remedies are not used effectively. In short, the existing remedies for sex discrimination in employment in India are insufficient.
C. Vijayalakshmi, Kamalpreet Dhaliwal and Rajen Gupta, in their paper – “Discriminatory Practices in Indian Company” (2006) , highlights the existing nature
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She says that the discrimination is of two forms: disparate treatment and desperate impact. Disparate treatment is direct and clearly there is a difference between gender and desperate occur in more indirect manner like the policies are designed in such a way that there is automatic discrimination. She also writes about the Act passed in 1964, the Federal Civil Rights Act and also write about the types of gender discrimination at…show more content…
It also highlights some cases of sexual harassment. And it was found that number of sexual harassment cases is increasing and in order to protect it, EU has taken major steps.
Essay on “Gender discrimination in India” by Pragati Ghosh has written about the discrimination faced by women in our society. She narrated the various factors like health, education were discrimination often found. Gender discrimination in India has always been existed. The discrimination attitude between men and women have existed for generations and affected the lives of both genders. Although the Constitution of India does not grant any such party or difference.
The world press on ‘Job discrimination at the work place’ reports that there is discrimination during the hiring process and definitely there is discrimination at work place too. India is high on discrimination while applying and at

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