Sex Drugs And Cocoa Puffs Summary

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Kaylee Wheeler
Mahady Per. 1
AP English 11 Lang./Comp.
18 October 2017
Nonfiction Book Reporting
Book Title: Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs
Genre: Nonfiction, environmental literature
Author: Chuck Klosterman
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Brief Summary and “Arrangement” of the Book
Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs, written by Chuck Klosterman, is a book dedicated to the author’s studies and personal accounts affiliating 20th-century pop culture and how it affects the United States’ Generation X.
The novel consists of an introduction, 18 chapters, and an index.
The author begins by describing his daily routine morning through night. Klosterman, in between his repetitious schedule, contemplates if he will ever understand the meaning of life. He then
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He talks about the brutal reality of relationships and modern- day love.
Chapter Two- Billy Sim
The author discusses his experiences with playing the virtual game The Sims. He analyzes the true meaning on why people escape from reality and play the game for hours.
Chapter Three- What Happens When People Stop Being Polite
Klosterman makes a dedication to the band Guns N’ Roses and talks about the MTV’s reality television show The Real World, which is about a drama-filled house where people do nothing but argue. He states that he can never be on the show due to the unoriginality reality television can mold of a person.
Chapter Four- Every Dog Must Have His Every Day, Every Drunk Must Have His Drink
Klosterman dedicates a majority of this chapter to Billy Joel and how he has shaped his views on his love life, thought process, and his decisions concerning personal music taste. The author does not view Joel as an extraordinary man, but a man who makes the author see his true,ordinary self.
Chapter Five- Appetite For Replication
Klosterman mentions, again, his personal experience with Guns n’ Roses. He describes a personal account of someone he knew who started a tribute band to the iconic rock-n-roll band and his on-the-road experiences, famously noting Paradise
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He collectively wrote his opinions about his media icons, such as Pam Anderson or Saved By the Bell, to inform his audiences about the impact that modern day media is having on the population. His personal experiences created passion to write about the stunt growth of Generation X due to his resentment of the unoriginality of media.
Audience- His audience is directed at the people within the generation that he specifically talks about repetitively throughout the novel. He informs the audience of a second-perspective look on how each generation reacts or acts when presented a circumstance of facing the reality of outcomes concerning modern day media.
Purpose- The purpose of this novel is to discuss the type of environment we live in due to the media, which humorously discusses the beauty in human trial and error, underdogs, relationships, the unusual, life experiences, and thought. It serves as a purpose to inform the general population that society is turning more conventional and two-dimensional. Also, another purpose that the novel justifies why humans act the way they
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