Sex Ed For Dummies Analysis

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As the culture of America advances, a new part has grown and become prominent in this society, sex. The sexual appeal is everywhere from billboard, game, to movies, and it is not surprising that teens will want to experience this early on. As a result, the schools have the responsibility to give the teens the information they need to be able to make the best choice for themselves. However, it is an issue because not all students are getting this education. Whether a child is informed of the risks going into their decision depends on their state, and whether a child gets a quality education on this subject depends on their district. In the cartoon, Sex Ed for Dummies, and the Last Week Tonight Show by John Oliver, Sex Education, both satire…show more content…
The cartoon, Sex Ed for Dummies, shows a teacher teaching the class about abstinence with a picture of a woman and a man in clothe and their private parts blacked out. It also depicts the students with phones that has screens with revealing picture. The cartoonist uses travesty and situational irony to suggest that by not properly educating the students, they become exposed to dangerous websites or dangerous situation with prior knowledge to navigate their way out of it. In addition, the cartoonist makes a burlesque of the teacher who teaches an abstinence only class, but the students are not listening or paying attention when he speaks, “yuh should't be sekul or usin' the connersepshun cuz yuh'll wanna be permiscuss and gettin' yerself some socialist vernal disease”. The cartoon is making a point when the teacher is unable to communicate himself with this his students and his student are not able to understand what their teacher is trying to communicate. The cartoonist is saying that the education being taught is neither being taught or understood properly. The satire used in this cartoon shows that the sex education class that this country has right now is insufficient in teaching the students what they…show more content…
This piece is a video which allows the people to see many more sides to the topic rather than just the obvious one. By presenting many sides to the argument, he shows how inferior sex education can affect the perception of women who already had sex, the idea of homosexuality, and the child’s perception of abstinence. Although the cartoon Sex Ed for dummies shows the uselessness of the classes, they do not show long term problems that will arise. Therefor the video on Sex Ed is the most effective piece of media that showed problems with teens not having proper sex education
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