Sex Education Case Study

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‘I think sex education should be included enhancing a girls sexual self- image and self esteem, and give her tools to say “no” and ultimately “yes”, when the time is right’ said Anitha H. Clayton, in the Book World Live Discussing (February 13,2007). Sadly in Malaysia, most people conclude that learning about sex as something embarrassing and immoral. They made up their mind thinking that sex education is just about sex which is the sexual intercourse between two different gender. They do not aware that it includes other sensitive issues like sexual health, sexual reproduction, sexuality and personal skills such as decision- making and and communication. Related to that statement, Sabah Education director Datuk Maimunah Suhaibul said the term…show more content…
This will allow children to have a better understanding about their sexual life since secondary school. Sexual education in school will help them to avoid sexual related crimes such as sexual assault, internet sex crimes, sex offender registration violations and statutory rape. According to the WHO, sex education should be imparted on the children who are 12 years and above. It is estimated that 34% of the HIV infected person are around the age group of 12 to 19. ( April 09 2015). Based on the evidence, we can know that children lack of sexual knowledge could be involve in sexual related issues in their early stage of life .Hence, sex education dissipate myths related to sex and broadens their horizon. It can also answer all the questions that they have regarding their changing body and hormonal surges. So, children who are 12 years and above can have a previous knowledge about their hormonal changes and will know how to handle the hormonal surge that happen in their body properly. Sex education in school can help them understand the differences and keep the desire to explore things for themselves in…show more content…
Thus, teenage pregnancies can be prevented through proper sexual education in secondary school. Sexual education teaches a women about their rights to choose the size and spacing of their families. It also teach them about their sexual and reproductive health, including the ways and uses of birth control methods to prevent early pregnancies. According to an article by Olivia and Teoh( April,2017), Federal police Sexual, Women and Child Investigation Division assistant principal director Assistant Commissioner Ong Chin Lan said that child sexual offense cases reminded high in the country, where last year, there was an average of about five cases per day although not too long ago, in 2012, the average was eight cases per day. He also said that moral-based teachings needed to be enhanced along with the present academic-based curriculum, and that there was a need to take another look at the approach to sex education in schools. Based on this evidence, it is proven that sex education is a must for teenagers to provide them with knowledge and improve their thoughts about sexual activities. These thoughts can bring awareness to teenagers and they will know the consequences when enrolling in such activities. Teenage pregnancies can be avoided by having a proper education for teenagers which include the

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