Effects Of Sex Education

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Environmental Perspective: Introduction

Even as the education system has evolved and improved over time, major pitfalls still remain in the American education system. These pitfalls hinder the students and renders them not fully prepared for the future. Courses often times don’t provide adequate information, or give unnecessary information to students, the educational building themselves have even shown to have negative impacts on the students. A multitude of other factors in the standard educational structure have led to generations of students lacking certain skills as they venture out into the world after they receive an education, which has left devastating impacts on the world from an environmental standpoint.

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It was found in a source released by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that high schools and middle schools across the country aren't teaching all of the 16 nationally recommended topics for sexual health education. Less than half of high schools and only a fifth of middle school students are being taught theses recommended 16 topics. Sex education is a course that tends to be a sensitive subject which can be uncomfortable for educators to properly convey to students. This discomfort however, should not compromise the education of the students. In some instances, proper sex education is not even required. Less than 40 percent of schools nationwide required sex and health education for graduation. Even if sex education is taught in school some outdated and biased opinions may be voiced, such as the ideal of remaining sexually abstinent which has been recorded in nearly 94 percent of schools. As well as the lack of sex education in schools and the outdated practices such as abstinence, there isn't relevant sexual education for all students. The current sex education standards do not provide adequate information for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or queer. Roughly there is only 24.4 percent of schools teaching this updated version of sex education, but the community of teens who…show more content…
The study showed a decrease in the effects of ADHD among the children that participated. In a space or natural setting that is considered to be "green" a reduction in the effects and symptoms of ADHD was shown among a diverse subpopulation of children. The study concluded that being outdoors when learning significantly reduced the symptoms of ADHD, in comparison to the traditional classroom setting. The causation of these negative effects of a traditional classroom when studied has been narrowed down to specific features in the buildings such as the age of the building, the air quality, acoustical control, and ample lighting. This discomfort that is felt when being in an educational building has shown to negatively influenced the overall achievement of the
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