Summary: The Importance Of Sex Education In Public Schools

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Types of school Sex Education in schools are being given increasing importance as it is known to inform students about issues related to sex and sexual health. A school plays an important role in implementing effective sex education to growing children. Various studies suggest that effective sex education in school prevents adolescents experimenting with sex. These sex education programs also encourage the teenagers to use protection while indulging in any kind of sexual act. According WHO sex education should be imparted in children 12 years old and above. It is estimated that thirty-four percent (34%) of HIV infected people are in the age group or 12-19. In the Philippines sex education is strongly being implemented or being taught more in public schools than private schools, with this flow, it is said that students in public schools are more aware about HIV than students in private schools, however studies show that there is significant difference between mean score knowledge on mode of transmission, signs and symptoms, prevention and control and high risk groups of HIV/AIDS of government and private schools yet overall…show more content…
It is important to discuss the exposure of the youth to the media, as more than one third of all new HIV infections are found among youth aged 15-14 years (Idele et al., 2014) and almost 35.5 million youth are living with HIV/AIDS in the world (UNAIDS Global report, 2013). Television can generate positive and negative impacts on the youth, in the case of the prevention of HIV/AIDS, television can have a huge positive impact. Television can be used as a powerful tool to teach the youth about the infection. In one study it revealed that television is the main source among youth for acquiring information related to HIV/AIDS. TV can create awareness as well providing an environment favourable for the acceptance of health messages and help raise issues like HIV/AIDS to the

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