Sex Education Research Paper

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The Importance of Sex Education for Our Rising Generation (Headline)
Rachmawati Jatiningrum
Having reproductive health education is meaningful for the young age (Hook/Lead)
Nowadays, teenagers should have more education related to reproductive health. In their age, they have a big curiosity about anything, for examples modern technology, contemporary culture, and one of the most anxious is about sex. The Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI) has proposed to include sex education in the national curriculum since 1999. Therefore, Erlinda, a commissioner with KPAI, said that the government put off the article because of the incorrect mindset of people. She also said, if the sex education is not taught, children will be confused. Furthermore,
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According to the study of reproductive health education of University of Indonesia’s Gender and Sexuality Research Center in 2013, the research had some results that the sex education helped students to prevent from premarital sex by 88.7 percent, a 94.5 percent can inform students the danger of sexually transmitted diseases, and a 77.6 percent can control students from their sexual urges. Related to the research, the sex education is necessary and beneficial for the students, because it has a big positive impact. By giving the knowledge, the number of having sex before married can be diminished, and it can avoid student from the danger of sex. For example, they will get sexually transmitted diseases by doing free sex.
Sex Education is one of some solutions to reduce the negative impact of sex violence in young age. Today, there are a lot of incidents of sex violence. Data from KPAI there were 16,000 cases of violence on children in the last four years. There was one case that had been talked by people and the media. It was about gang rape and murder of 14 years old junior high school student by 14 young men in
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If there any people who said that the sex education is not appropriate to be taught in school, it is not really right. In fact, the sex education will be the influenced element for the future of our young generation. Therefore, the government should be open-minded considering teenagers’ reproductive health by including sex education in the curriculum. (Restating the main point)
Why does the government tend to reject insert sex education content to the curriculum if it has a positive impact for the young generation? Although the government said that the sex education is enough to give in a seminar or in biology class. However, this sex education should have an own place, so the teenagers can easily learn it for their good. In addition, the sex education will bring our generation to have a better reasoning in responding about sex. It makes them be responsible for protecting themselves from the danger of having a wrong

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