Sex Education Vs Single Sex School

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An equal education is expected of every American. Single-sex education became popular in the nineteenth century due to the diverse backgrounds of people. Schools were separated by religion, race, and gender. However, today, regulations and mindsets have, since then, changed. Primary and secondary education is given to Americans without the judgment of gender or race. The education system should not switch from coed education to single-sex education because single-sex education does not develop important social skills for kids to flourish, it creates teaching generalizations on the students, and it should not fit in today’s evolving society. Single-sex schools stemmed from the physical differences between people. In earlier centuries, only wealthy, Caucasian males were able to obtain an education. However, after years of adversity, women were able to implement schools that allow for them to flourish. The idea of single-sex schools came from females and males going to separate schools for their mere physical differences. Yet, today, single-sex schools are implemented due to the neurological differences between a male and female. It is known that girls and boys may learn differently due to the activity in the brain. The brain of a male uses seven times more of gray matter than the female, while a female uses ten times more of the white matter. The gray matter narrows down to a specific task; boys tend to only focus on one thing. On the other hand, the white matter is what
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