Sex Lies And Conversation Summary

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In this moment, there are marriages being torn apart for the wrong reasons. Not only men are coming off as lethargic and heartless to the relationship, but also women appear needy and unsatisfied. These stereotypical characteristics of the opposite gender demonstrate that men and women do not really know each other. Even though Schlessinger, in “The Improper Care and Feeding of Husbands”, argues women 's qualities of being self-centered cause, destructive influences as the reason there are downfalls in relationships, Tannen proclaims, in “Sex, Lies, and Conversation”, that these downfalls in relationships are lack of communication between both sexes which derive from the couple’s inability to perceive their distinctive viewpoints. In Dr. Laura Schlessinger selection, she diagnosed wives who are unhappy in their marriage as selfish after questioning them. As a matter of fact, women do not realize the immense…show more content…
Due to this diversity in communication, she notifies “that most of the woman she interviewed – but only a few men – gave lack of communication as the reason for their divorces” (421). In this case, women, their interactions root from intimacy which is “the fabric of relationships, and talk is the thread from which it is woven (Tannen 422). By doing so, it gives these women a sense of closeness to the other individual emotionally through sharing opinions, feelings, and impressions; however, with men that is a different story. Tannen then compares men’s relationships “based less on talking, more on doing things together” (422), indicating their idea of bonding does not interrelate with women’s expectations. Overall, the main reason Deborah Tannen conveys the significance that communication between the sexes are so different, is to enlighten the readers of understanding the mindset and point of view of opposite
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