Sex Offender Management Case Study

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Opinions on GIS Applications to Sex Offender Management The crime mapping has been in the research phase since long time, and geomapping of offender residences will add one more step in implementing the crime mapping studies in real time. But, the success or failure rate of this plan will remain in the discussion in the future and present time as several factors such as integrity, privacy, confidentiality, freedom, social welfare, and security and so on will play a great role in implementing the said strategy. The below three opinions are on the proposal of geomapping of offender residences in the society.
Opinion 1 I feel that the law enforcement field goes ahead in implementing security actions
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As far as sexual offending is concerned, schools, hospitals, isolated areas are more prone to the sexual crimes. Police should cover such areas during their patrolling process. Moreover, the implementation of such technology in the crime department will only turn out to be a financial and societal disaster. For this management step, there also would need costly and intelligent infrastructure and managerial practices. In general, efforts for the geomapping of offender residences would go in vain due to crime and criminal uncertainty in any region. Moreover, the judge’s suggestion for yard signs at the criminal’s residence will produce next to nothing effects in the society. There will be no logic behind such yard signs that can assure and extend security and safety in the society. Likewise, the proposal of geomapping of offender residences breaches the basic rights of privacy and freedom as a human being of the criminal. And even, in cases, criminals should not be tracked and should be treated equally with the innocent people, who have completed their…show more content…
I am having dubious feelings for the success of the geomapping of offender residences idea. The GIS applications enable the crime agencies and the society and as a result, they would be having more knowledge on criminals and statistics and visual depiction serve as a good benchmark for mapping crime and criminal preferred location. Due to which, in my judgment, sex offenders will look for isolated places due to the presence of the geomapping implementation. But, this in turn, would also be beneficial for the criminals to carry out crime activities within least mapped areas. Also, technology and managerial efforts’ failures are conceivable and it can be crucial in certain circumstances. Similarly, judges’ plan for placing yard signs is somewhat raise negative signal in the criminals, who wants to overcome his guilt. As a result, he would isolate himself from the society, and which in turn will produce negative outcomes. Then again, for the public safety, it is necessary to ratify different security mechanism despite the presence of moral and legitimate issues. So, it would be healthy to trace and map criminal’s residence to avoid potential threats of
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