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There are different types of sexual offenders and they frequently display different patterns of behavior. Those differences were sensibly presented in the video by the introduction of five offenders who shared their criminal story. The first offender, a youth minister, was a respected and well-liked member of the community. He sexually molested approximately 53 minor victims. Despite being accused by the victims on two different occasions, he was able to avoid repercussions, at first, due solely on his status. This minister would possibly be identified as a fixated offender. He demonstrated a persistent, continual and compulsive attraction to children. He strategically chose extrafamilial male adolescent victims. He would recruit and groom…show more content…
His pattern involved sexually abusing his girlfriend 's children. His crime would qualify as regressed offenders given that his victims were selected based on ease of access. The fourth offender was a sadistic, sexually motivated offender. He was aroused by pain and suffering, resulting in the common beating and sexual assault of his step-son. This particular criminal shows traits of a regressed offender as well as a sadistic, sexually motivated rapist. The crime was perhaps a result of a temporary departure from attraction to adults that was precipitated by external factors. He admitted to beating and raping his wife, whenever she refused to perform sexually. Similar to the previous offender, he was able of carrying an adult relationship with someone else. The fifth and last offender was also a child molester. He took advantage of his victims any time an opportunity was presented. When associating him with a fixated offender, he meets traits such as persistence and continual attraction to children. Fixated offenders who abuse males are most at risk for future offending, with a shocking number of approximately 1250 molested male victims, this particular case seems to share some of those common elements. Although offenders in this category abuse mostly extrafamilial victims, the fifth criminal sustained a sexual relationship with his underage nephew for over nine years, sharing some traits supported by the regressed…show more content…
Most of them seem to be respected and well-liked individuals, capable driving others towards believing they would not be capable of fulfilling a sexual offense. Most victims were young males whom the offenders had easy access to. In some cases, the abused children were never heard because of their position. Mike, for example, was problematic and underprivileged; similar was the case of the stepchildren that were promptly silenced by other adults. They select their victims wisely and ensure they were not likely to tell, such as the child molester who would abuse his girlfriend 's daughter because she was a “wild kid”. To the general public, these criminals were seen as normal and decent members of the community. However, the most powerful revelation from the video is how likely society is to reject the notion of a sexual

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