Sex Offenders Argumentative Analysis

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The release of sexual offenders has been an argumentative case since the beginning. In particular, half of our society has invest time to persuade them. Therefore, the other side, have been giving them hope in our society. Brandon, Fedoroff and Gulati (2013) “The lay press and media often refer to sexual offenders as being untreatable and state every sex offender has a high recidivism rate” (p.235-240). In several cases, the media’s information is wrong or highly over-reacted. A few especial cases of sex offenders actually rebuilt their life after prison. For them to achieved it, they had to go through rehabilitation and several medical treatments. Duggan and Dennis (2014) discuss how some parts of our society strongly believe all types…show more content…
Hanson (2014) discusses how they’re view in our society. He specifically mentions that anger, punishments, disappointment and feelings of rage come to mind (p.3-8). This side of the society strongly dislikes and disagrees on their released of early or parole. They mostly prefer them in jail to experience pain and suffer while others want them to be save. As shown in these previous examples, our society clearly doesn't want them out. Our society may even fight against those rules that protect them to know if there is anyone in their neighbourhood with such issue. In extreme cases, death penalty comes to mind to a few members in society. Mailnen, Willis and Johnston (2014) discuss how media takes part on how we see certain sexual offenders. It becomes such a powerful tool with a strong negative instead of giving opportunities (p.535-552). Because of media, the community sees them as dangerous and aggressive individuals towards society. Simunda (2014) discuss the general topics and consequences sexual offenders face once in parole or released. One of them is the community’s behaviour towards them. Avoiding the issue or the individual while others decided not to have an opinion. It becomes strongly negative (p.73-82). This side of society is seen as negatives individuals. They become scared about the consequences and results that may happen. What if our children get attack rape by these predators? This question

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