Sex Offenders Argumentative Essay

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Many ask should offenders have the right to live near schools, parks or daycares after serving their time for the offense. This is one of the most emotionally debated issues in criminal law today. How to manage the risk of sexual offenders being rehabilitated back into the community? “Beyond mandatory registration and community notification, over a dozen states have enacted residency restrictions that forbid sex offenders from living within a certain distance of schools, parks, day care centers, or even places where children normally congregate.” said Durling. Author Caleb Durling conducts a research to discuss his opinion how the law should modified. Sex offenders should be able to live where they want when they want. He believes that if an offender has served their time in prison and have been released that should mean that the offender had been rehabilitated and is capable of controlling their…show more content…
He also states in the article that if the state had assumed that they were not safe they should have been kept in for a longer period of time. He wrote the article “Never going Home: Does It Make Us Safer? Does It Make Sense? Sex Offenders, Residency Restrictions, and Reforming Risk Management Law.” based on the information that he stumbled upon while doing many research and observations; Mr. Caleb who is an attorney at LLP mainly focuses on civil and commercial litigation. While learning from most of his experiences from graduating at the Northwestern University B.A. and the Northwestern University school of Law Durling, became the Executive Editor of the Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 2006-2007, and Winner, Lowden-Wigmore Award for the Journal's Best Comment, 2006-2007. Comment published: "Never Going Home: Does It Make Us Safer? Does It Make Sense? Sex Offenders, Residency Restrictions and Reforming Risk Management Law." 97 Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 317 (2006). Intern, Judge Christopher J. Donnelly, Cook County (IL) Circuit Court (2005). (
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