Sex Offenders In Prison Analysis

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INTRODUCTION The phrase sex offenders automatically puts a chill down people’s spine due to the nature of the crimes that they commit. According to the Associated Press (2015), in the politics of prison, “sex offenders are marked men because they account for a disproportionate number of victims. To elaborate, in California, these types of prisoners are killed at a rate that is double the national average, most of the time by violence-prone cell mates or by the general prison population”. Sex criminals do not even manage to earn respect by other criminals because they are viewed as uncontrollable animals with abnormal urges and desires. We are able to see them in the media, especially in television shows such as To Catch a Predator and Law…show more content…
There are more than 600,000 registered sexual offenders in the United States. The high majority of these sex criminals will be released back into the community and the recidivism rate for these individuals remain high. One in four will eventually recidivate within 15 years. Zott (2007) found “It costs about $22,000 per year, excluding treatment, to incarcerate an offender. Community supervision and treatment can cost between $5,000 and $15,000 per year” (pg. 87). To appropriately address and introduce long-term treatment for sex offenders, we have to be able to identify methods to improve treatment by reviewing old cases and studies. A progressive approach is to incorporate the views and beliefs of sex offenders to better obtain information and inform ourselves. This focus is usually done as a topic of study for mental health…show more content…
Although there is some scientific evidence that implies the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions for most criminal offenders, the effectiveness of treatment for sex offenders is unknown and remains to be a hot subject of debate for most people. Treatment ultimately depends on the individual and the contextual factors, like a former child abuse victim. With studies, conclusions are not supported and the conducted research is not reliable or valid for that matter. The quality of the research and its consistent results make up the heart of trustworthy research. The quality of research studies continues to change and so do the defining characteristics of the experiments, these consist of narrative reviews, synthesis research, quasi-experiments, and so

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