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Sex Offender Laws Cherish Haynes American Military University Dr. Dena Weiss CMRJ 306 Criminal Investigation December 20, 2015 Abstract There has been a major increase of sex offender’s laws throughout the criminal justice and America in the last years. Each state in the United States has different laws for sex offending, and SORNA is the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. There are different measures a sex offender must do in order to follow these laws before, during, and after incarceration. In the paper I will discuss the different laws and what a sex offender must during the process of being put into the criminal justice system. Sex offenders will continue to pose a problem for society and law enforcement in all…show more content…
These laws for sex offenders come in different levels ranging from high to low risk sex offenders, and to lessen the recidivism rates (Department of Justice, 2015). Sex offenders are certain law in dwelling that they must follow after conviction, there are many restrictions that fall into the were sex offenders can stay from hotel room to one and two family housing units. In the state of California under 9.5.080 sex violation of a hotel states that no sex offender will be allowed any type of resident of a guest room within the hotel (Code publishing, CA, 2015). A child sex offender cannot dwell 500ft from school property, and a high risk or violent sex offender cannot dwell within 1,000ft from school property (Research Bureau, 2006). According to sex offender statics, sex offenders are kept off of these grounds because this helps reduce the temptation or recidivism rates of that offenders to possible reoffend, due to this statement has been a huge argument, because people say if a sex offender want to offend they will do it anyway. These restrictions of dwelling also bring up argument with recidivism, because it forces the offenders to leave in place where jobs might not be as enrich, treatment may not be available closely, or makes it hard for law enforcement officials to get to. Baltimore county has sex…show more content…
Some sex offenders confess that when they commit these acts of sex crimes, that they cannot help the way that they feel, and this is naturally how they are. Some sex offender have been abused as child up until they became adults and that this is quote “normal” behavior and start to pray on victims just as they were pray upon. The family watchdog website is that anyone can go to in the internet to access the sex offenders that are in your area or community. This website provides information of what kind of sex offenses that the sex offender committed, there address, and also provides a picture of the sex offender (Family Watchdog). Sex crimes are shown that 60% of sexual crimes are committed by day care provider, neighbors or close friends of that certain family. It’s also been shown that 30% of sex offenders are usually a family member that commit sexual on their relatives. It has also been shown that 23% of sex offenders are under the age of 18, it’s doesn’t matter the race, gender, or socioeconomic status (Family Watchdog, 2015). In conclusion, these laws are in place to protect the community and all of the public in the United States, woman, men, and children. Sex offenders are a crime and a disease that we made send the rest of mankind trying to figure out how to put a halt to. In the future we may find a machine, or a cure to

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