Sex Trafficking Argumentative Essay

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After researching about multiple different topics that are presumed problems in the United States that need resolving, sex trafficking is a line of work that goes against any religion. Does the United States do enough to prevent people from joining this line of work, or are they pushing papers so they don 't get involved? Does the United States of America take action when needed, or do they have enough laws placed that can prevent pimps from selling innocent human beings? Prostitution, the practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity for payment arrived from the latin word “prostituta”. While researching this topic it was found to be very controversial. Prostitution is a widely recognized topic, anyone and anywhere can get involved into this line of work with just one thing, themselves. Do the men, women and children really have a choice whether or not they want to use their bodies to earn a living? Or are they forced by outside influences that make them have no other choice. Preliminary research covered numerous topics about prostitution; When the victims started and why they started was not uncovered by these findings. There have not been a sufficient interviews with these subjects to…show more content…
While watching the news, NBC Connecticut was investigating why a Waterbury police officer was fired, it was found that he was connected to a sex trafficking operation. This was an ironic finding as aren’t police officers and law enforcement supposed to enforce the law and not endorse sex trafficking?Trust in the system and government is something that comes at great cost, many people say that conspiracies and cover ups are kept secret by the government to keep anyone from exposing them. The knowledge of how a police officer in our own backyard was fired as connected to sex trafficking is something that needs to be resolved
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