Sex Trafficking Causes

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Human trafficking can be defined as “forcing, coercing, or tricking people into being transported within or to another country for purposes of exploitation” (CITE). Sex trafficking is the most common form of human trafficking for women and children. Sex trafficking is a preventable issue that not only affects the women and children being trafficked, but it affects the entire world.
Human trafficking can be considered modern day slavery. Sex trafficking began in 1840 with prostitution rings. (CITE) There have been attempts in throughout history to stop or decrease the amount of sex trafficking. “1904 an international treaty was created to stop the sale of white women for sexual purposes.” (CITE). Since the late 20th century the amount of sex
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Health Concerns are a huge issue. “38% of girls trafficked from Nepal into India have HIV” (CITE). Pregnancy is also a large concern. Clients can refuse the use of protection, and many illegal abortions are performed without the correct medical protocol or trained doctors. (CITE). Victims are physically abused, mentally abused, denied food, and often forced to take drugs in order to make them more dependent and easier to control. (CITE). This causes lasting psychological damage. They are separated from family, friends, and all familiar surroundings, and often kept in isolation.…show more content…
The process begins in Nepal with the procurers. Often times this is a stranger but it can also be a family member. Then, a different person smuggles the girl over the border into China. Finally, the girl is taken to a pimp and sold to a brothel for around $2,000. (CITE). There can be Up to 30 customers a day per woman (CITE). Often times the women are beaten by the guards. “A group of men grabbed her from behind, tied her hands and made her swallow “a powder.” When she woke up she was in a city in northern India. “I had never seen tall buildings before,” she recalled. It was a lot hotter than her village and the men offered her a soda. “I didn’t want to drink it but I was so thirsty,” she said. The heat and soda were her last memories before finding herself in a Mumbai brothel under the care of a woman she called “Auntie,” where she remained in forced prostitution for 22 months.” (CITE). Sex tourism is another popular industry in the sex trafficking world that is popular in many countries including India. Tourists visit a country and receive sexual services from the prostitutes in that country. (CITE). Sex trafficking is becoming an enormous problem. “Unicef reports that as many as 7,000 women and girls are trafficked out of Nepal to India every year, and around 200,000 are now working in Indian brothels.” (CITE) “5,000 – 15,000 women and girls are trafficked annually to India for the purposes of
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