Sex Trafficking In Russia

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Human trafficking is the predominate issue in Russia, a Tier 3 country, with an estimated five to twelve million people trapped in sex and labor trafficking. Russia is the leading participant in arranged trafficking from importing and exporting women and children all around the world (United States). Without the resources available to overcome the sex trafficking epidemic, there are 150,000 women and 17,000 children or more relying on prostitution or other services in the sex workforce in order to survive (Tiurukanova 35). Due to the economic needs of women and children, they are forced into sex trafficking in order to survive, leading to the financial destruction of the government as it primarily focuses on increasing the country’s birthrate…show more content…
Many of them have only attended school for one year or have graduated college and are unable to find employment (41). The economy does not supply adequate learning facilities or a stable environment for expecting women, single mothers, or abandoned children and pushes them to the sex industry in order to earn money and protection. Younger woman tend to travel abroad in the sex industry in the hopes of a better life in a different country. When the victims are asked why they are reluctant to leave the sex industry they answer with “the wish to survive”, “to be independent from their families”, or the need “to help the family” (41). With many children being born into poverty everyday, prostitution is viewed more as a positive lifestyle for all rather than something detrimental to their lives, it becomes more widely accepted. For females, prostitution is inevitable in order for them to get food, shelter, or to provide for themselves (McKinney…show more content…
First off, they should have a strict definition of human traffickers versus victims of human trafficking in order to either protect or prosecute people involved in the crime in every state of Russia (Tiurukanova 63). This would clear up the confusion among law enforcers and enable them to take appropriate legal actions against traffickers or for the victims. Not only is there not a strict definition of human trafficking, Russia’s transnational organizations are heavily involved with organized crime (Mossbarger 33). Russia needs to disconnect the contact between transnational organizations and the sex trafficking industry to sever the protection from the organizations to be able to find more cases of sex trafficking (33). It is difficult to identify instances of sexual exploitation therefore; Russia should invest in training teachers, doctors, business authorities, or anyone who is socially connected to copious amounts of people allowing them to obtain a broad expanse of how to put an end to sex trafficking. Russia can also create more job opportunities for woman to increase Russia’s economic gain along with establishing properly functioning and cost efficient childcare centers for working mothers (McKinney 22). There are many issues that Russia can resolve in order to contain

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