Sex Trafficking Persuasive Essay

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It is really perturbing that when suddenly when driving into a certain neighborhood, or street, and in a specific time of night, you see various women slowly starting to appear walking in the night. While children wonder why those women are out so late, and parents try unsuccessfully to distract them from the situation, no one truly dares to change anything. Most just simple choose to look away, not aware of the horrors these people face. The sole idea of one’s own family members in this industry, would make anyone’s skin crawl. Sex trafficking has stained society’s history, present, and sadly, it’s future. The solution to this problem may never come, for today, people no longer use their rationality, and most see other human beings as an enemy.…show more content…
But why are many of them in this situation in the first place? In some cases, these people usually have some sort of financial problems, but this does not mean that they choose to be a part of this industry. The mind is one of the strongest and most fascinating things we humans possess. Its power controls every little detail of our being, especially emotions. These strong emotions like desperation, drive these people to panic, making them the easiest targets for sex traffickers. Panic, sadness, and desperation make us all vulnerable and easy to be tricked, for these emotions cloud any rational thought, like a drug, gradually overpowering the person. As stated by the Soroptomist foundation, victims are often “lured with offers of legitimate and legal work as shop assistants or waitresses. Others are promised marriage, educational opportunities and a better life.” Others are sold as objects, by family members, including their own parents. Another reason is that these people associate themselves and befriends people involved in the sex trafficking industry. In the John Jay study as mentioned in an article at Alternet, “most children are not ‘pimped’ in the traditional sense but instead recruited by familial procurers or friends

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