Sex Trafficking Effects

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There are an estimated twenty- seven million adults and thirteen million children who are involved with sex trafficking and roughly two thousand five hundred trafficking victims are believed to still be drifting at sea. Victims are usually beaten, ill treated, drugged, raped and prostituted, but nothing is being done. In the Sex trafficking industry females make up fifty- five percent, males make up forty- five percent, and of those percentages children make up fifty percent. Roughly estimated one point two million children are trafficked every year. When a child or new victim is just starting the traffickers often train the girls themselves by, raping them and teaching them sex acts. During the girls time as a sex slave they often feel shame,…show more content…
Up to fifty percent of human trafficking victims are minors and seventy percent of children show signs of suicidal tendencies after and being involved in sex trafficking. Sex trafficking doesn't just leave physical effects but it leaves mental and emotional effects on its victims as well. Often victims will feel shame, grief, fear, distrust and suicidal thoughts, and they often experience post-traumatic stress disorder, and with that, acute anxiety, depression and insomnia. Some other effects are girls won't leave leave because of the fear of what might happen to them or their family. If a girl runs away if she is caught she will be beaten, raped, starved and a lot more. If they don't find the girl or sometimes even if they do find the girl the traffickers will go after the girl's family and hurt them in extreme ways. Because of the horrible effects sex trafficking leaves on it's victims, they will often turn to drugs to escape the reality of what is happening and or to just numb the pain. Some don't turn to drugs until they are free and some cave in while they are still involves. Now that you know a little bit more about the sex trafficking industry what will you do about
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