Sex Trafficking: Modern Form Of Prostitution

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Sex Trafficking Essay

The Oxford Dictionary defines Sex Trafficking as “The action or practice of illegally transporting people from one country, area, place or person for the purpose of sexual exploitation.” Sex exploitation is the type of illegal activity that people are doing nowadays that affect women and men but, mostly children who are being used for their sexual exploitation. Sex Trafficking has also been referred as the modern type of slavery in the fact that the victims get abused, have little to no pay and are mistreated. Anyone can be a victim of Sex Trafficking like men, women, children and babies, although the new type of commercial sex is being the most benefited from the children. Commercial Sex Act consists of sexual dancing,
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The Oxford Dictionary refers to trauma as “A deeply distressing or disturbing experience.” This type of “disturbing experience” is what happens to people during a sexual exchange because they get abused and mistreated in the worst ways ever that even years after the experience you can still see the marks physically, mentally and emotionally that have been scared on them for something that they did not do and do not deserve. This reveals that the people involved go through tragic things that could not possibly go away or would be really hard to forget and need special therapy in order to get help. When someone is traumatized they will continue to live with the tragic memory for the rest of their life, be haunted and anxious. A “martyr” is a person that undergoes under severe and constant suffering in a long period of time and this is how the victims of the sex industry live because they are brainwashed, told to be nothing, and get abused during a cruel activity which they later suffer from trauma for the harsh experience that they undergo through. Even though some people can get help or they or if they do not they could possibly forget and try to go back to a normal life but it would at no time be the same. Trauma is a major issue to everyone because you don’t have to be necessarily be involved in…show more content…
It can take the form of physical battery, emotional bullying, psychological coercion, sexual abuse, or neglect.” Major causes of abuse in the sexual act consists of the victims to not want to participate in sexual intercourcse with a stranger, not wanting to dress a certain way and basically to not do what they are told and when the martyr’s refuse to do so they get abused by getting battered by their pimps, leaders or “lords.” Abuse is any type of physical touch againsts a persons will and it’s not easy to get out of in the fact that if you get battered in a very powerful way you could be a victims of murder during the act of getting abused. In other words abuse can also mean to be forced to have sex with someone you don’t want to and they hold you and pressure you into the act that you do not want to perform in which is sexual abuse that goes on duing the sex intercource in sex trafficking. With the abuse that a person is affected in they could eventually act different towards someone or everyone and later on become an abuser while living with the experience and continue to harm other people and make them suffer what you suffered for revenge and hatred towards what the person has done to

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