Sexism Against Women Essay

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Sexism against women is an issue that happens widely around the world and in many different ways. One example of sexism against women can be seen today through the pink tax and the unfair pricing of products aimed for the purchase by women. As consumers in today 's society, women are faced with more financial need when it comes to having to buy products in the stores. This can be seen when one looks at the fact how “women effectively paid an annual gender tax of approximately $1,351 for the same services as men” (De Blasio and Menin). Countless women are being negatively impacted financially by the pink tax and the overpricing of products; fortunately, efforts are being made to address this issue of inequality constructively. The pink tax is…show more content…
Although women are being affected by this inequality, there are actions being made to change and help fix the issue. To begin, “ a small number of state and local legislatures have taken steps to eliminate the pink tax for services such as dry cleaning and haircuts” (Maloney 7). That alone is a good start even if it is just coming from a few states. It shows how the pink tax is an issue needing to be addressed and not just a problem some women are finding to be unfair; it does not really seem to show how well it has turned out. However, the states taking this action shows acknowledgement of the issue. A major step made toward eliminating the pink tax has been made by Congresswoman Jackie Speier. Speier “introduced the Pink Tax Repeal Act” (Fried). The bill specifically offers “To prohibit the pricing of consumer products and services that are substantially similar if such products or services are priced differently based on the gender of the individuals” (Speier). Speier had recognized the issue and decided to make an effort to put a stop towards it. The creation of the bill is something that can really help put an end to the gender inequality women face. The act that has been introduced as a solution to what many see as a problem and if passed could become the
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