Rick Nauert's Long-Term Effects Of Stereotyping

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Sexism is a prevalent issue that society struggles with due to the many negative stereotypes that are created like putting labels on how someone should live and act according to their gender. Sexism and stereotypes are not just a current issue but an issue that has been occuring forever. People are not just born sexist but when exposed to them it can affect them. “According to the article “Long-term Effects of Stereotyping” published in psychcentral.com, Rick Nauert argues how people can be affected by stereotypes even after being exposed to them.” (George,7). Some stereotypes include that women “ are not as strong as men” or that “women can’t be athletic”. This is an important problem that people need to bring awareness to because it affects individuals that prefer something else than what they are thought to do as a male or female, but feel shame in going against it because of stereotypes. (George,7). Some stereotypes include women “not being as strong as men” or that “women can’t be…show more content…
Her encouragement empowers women, feeling like they can be themselves and make their own choices, not having to worry about or be held back by society’s opinion,sexist messages, and stereotypes. Although sexism and stereotypes will be an ongoing problem, great improvements have been made with the help of influential artists such as Beyonce. The support and awareness you bring to the issue proves the better it will get, which is what people are seeing more of today. Beyonce has already had a huge impact on society today and has proved that her influences will continue for future generations. Beyonce is a very influential artist and her fan base will continue to grow and help future generations fighting against sexism and

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