Sexism And The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust was a persecution and eventual mass murder of Jews during the Nazi regime in the World War II. An estimate of six million Jews were killed, all because of their religion and beliefs. The Nazi thought they were the superior race, and Jews were “inferior” as well as a danger to the ‘perfect’ German community. Gradually, the German government was filled with people who believed that Jews needed to be purged. They began to pass laws that specifically targeted Jews, such as making all Jews wear a big yellow star to identify themselves, as well as forbidding Jews from riding bikes. This led to taking Jews from their homes and sending them to concentration camps, where they were experimented on, gassed, and put in horrible conditions. As the World War II neared the end, the Allied Nations began liberating the concentration camps, which eventually became the end of the war. The Holocaust is considered a genocide, and though it is one of the most famous, it is not the only…show more content…
Racism was what set off the Holocaust, where the Nazi thought their race was better than the others (Jews). Over the years, some countries have passed laws to create less racist and sexist decisions. For example, in the USA, there is the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which “Prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin” (FindLaw). Also, many states of the US have their own laws passed regarding racism and sexism. Another example of a law regarding discrimination is The Race Relations Act of 1976 in the UK. This act protects individuals from being discriminated by gender or race during employment, and is much similar to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Racism and the Law). Though there are still many people that judge based on race and sex, these sort of laws will help prevent another Holocaust, as they may cause less people to judge people by something that is uncontrolled by
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