Sexism In A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Imagine waking up as a 15 year old girl, you think it's going to be a normal, ordinary day, but instead you get sold away to a man old enough to be your father. Life in the 1970’s to early 2000’s was a much different time than it is now. In A Thousand Splendid Suns, written by Khaled Hosseini, many questions arise as the story goes on such as, are all men as selfish and sexist to their wives as Rasheed is to Mariam and Laila? The answer is no, some men are kind and trusting while others beat and shun their own wives. Rasheed worked at a shoe store. He saw many people everyday, and everytime he came home he would tell Mariam how disgusted he was at the men who come in with their wives. “...Men, who bring their wives to my shop. The women come uncovered, talk…show more content…
Rasheed was happy with Laila, but until Mariam got to know her, she thought Laila was a no good husband stealer. As the story progressed and Rasheed began to shun Laila as well because she gave him a baby girl instead of a boy, Laila and Mariam teamed up and protect each other instead of fighting one another. Rasheed had gotten more brutal even with a baby in the house. Laila and Mariam had enough of Rasheed's horribleness towards them, they decided to run away and start a new life, but soon were turned into the police and returned to Rasheed who did terrible things to them. “She was being dragged by the hair… He let go of Laila's hair, and she felt the toe of his shoe connect with her left buttock…. She saw Rasheed leading Mariam across the yard but the nape of her neck. There was blood on his hands, Mariam's face, hair, neck and back.” (Hosseini, 240) Because of Rasheed, Mariam and Laila ran away, because of Rasheed, they were being tortured for multiple days, they had no food, no water and it was over one hundred degrees, and because of Rasheed, their lives were
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