White Women In Advertising Essay

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Typically white women are portrayed in regal dresses and tend to be advertising a luxurious item. Considering the ideal woman in the global society is white, most ad campaigns primarily deploy white women to advertise. However, the cases in which colored women are advertised tends to be demeaning, racist, and making cultural assumptions. For example, black women are often advertised as “wild” while white women are seen as “poised”. 3. Sexism This may be the most commonly used tactic for advertising.Sexism is so very inherent in our culture that it makes itself visible in almost every advertisement.Women of color are always portrayed in specific roles deemed acceptable by society. Similarly, men also fall victim to such sexism as they are…show more content…
Whereas, most of the time, the only crime they’ve committed is having a certain color of skin. The media has consciously shaped the minds of thousands in such a way that the white majority unconsciously blame anyone who’s different from them. Do you pay close attention to how the media breaks news to you? The news that most of us receive from mainstream media blatantly feeds us a biased distortion of the truth. The favoritism towards white people (whether they’re criminals or not) and the demonization of people of color (whether they are victims or not)in mainstream media is almost suffocating. Through such favoritism, mainstream media reinforces the basic white supremacy: that the lives of white people are more valuable than those of color. Regardless of what defines someone’s story if they make it on the news – whether they’ve committed a heinous act or fallen victim to violence – we’re all dynamic human beings made up of more than a single incident. We’ve all had accomplishments and made mistakes.But the media chooses which parts of our lives to show – and their choices often humanize white people while vilifying people of
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