Sexism In American Culture

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The inherent sexism in American culture has caused discrimination against women. Some people do not believe that inequality between genders exists, they are wrong. In the past every achievement that women made was omitted from history books (Philosophical Feminism). Many things that women were a part of are just now being introduced to modern people, such as the fact that women did all of the calculations that made the first ever human in space possible. It is harder for women to get hired in the first place and if they get hired they are paid less for the same amount of work, and race also plays into the wage figures (Wage Gap Figures). Despite the fact that women make up sixty percent of the American population they are displayed negatively…show more content…
Feminism has long challenged the societal norms for women, giving them liberation in clothing and thoughts. Some people believe that to be a feminist is to hate men but they are wrong, feminism is to seek equality. Most of the ideas and goals of feminism stay the same no matter which wave of feminism is being looked at. This generation of feminism, known as the fourth wave, is focused most on challenging misogyny and sexism where it exists (Feminism). One movement has shown up in response to the fourth wave feminists called the Men’s Rights Movement; this movement seeks to belittle feminists. The best simile I have ever seen for explaining the men’s rights movement is cupcakes; women have a plain cake, and men have a cupcake with frosting when women want to get frosting on their cakes men start to point out how their cupcakes are not perfect because they don’t have sprinkles or a cherry, and then they say that women should be thankful because men gave them a cake, and they shouldn’t need frosting. They want sprinkles and cherries for themselves before giving women some frosting, hopefully not realizing that there would still be some extreme inequality in that situation. They don’t want women to be equal until they get everything that they want first, and even after they get what they want they still don’t want women to be equal. The MRM uses the experiences of male rape victims to put down, and silence, the female victims. They don’t treat the sentence ‘Men get raped’ as a complete sentence they feel the need to add the word ‘too’ at the end, suggesting that rape can’t be a feminist problem because it’s also been experienced by men. The MRM are a part of the war on women even if they don’t believe that the war on women is real. Movements like the MRM are the reason that many of women’s achievements, and most of feminism, were omitted from history
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