Sexism In Disney Movies

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children throughout all ages, ethnicities and social statuses. The source of the cause are animated Disney films; which has a negative impact on children in the subconscious level due to the subtle racism and sexism contained in them. It is eventually carried on as the child grows and feeds thoughts into their mind; which leads to a negative self image upon themselves and that racism and sexism are naturally acceptable. Many children grew up watching Disney movies. Disney corporation is extending into different branches to reach and remind children how the characters look through many forms of merchandise; such as toothbrushes, towels, dolls etc. This invasion in many different cultural homes is done intentionally, Disney’s goal is to have…show more content…
Disney portrays characters or use voice overs on actors of colored and often small derogatory roles. The appearance of someone that is dark skinned is not enough to appease the need for real representation. This can lead to make a child think that in all social situations, the less generous represent person automatically will be included in a less important category which will cause the child to have a negative effect on their self esteem in a sub conscious level. Disney treat these films as subtle without explanation and shown as entirely natural behaviors. Most of the Disney movies holding the theme for a strong female lead with seeming individuality and strength is reduced by the end of the story to have no more than interest than to earn a handsome man. For instance, Pocahontas a young woman who wants to be free instead of going along through an arranged marriage that her father has arranged. She then falls in love with a foreigner and goes against the entire tribe and culture in order to save him from being killed. In Mulan a headstrong young woman who wishes to keep her father safe by dressing up as a boy and joining the military. She succeeds in everything she wishes to accomplish but not without first winning the heart of the
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