Sexism In John Steinbeck's Book

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Violation of human rights, commonly seen in books like Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck, is a wide-spread issue all over the world. The prejudice that has lived in the world for so long and that continues to occur has been captured in books and movies. John Steinbeck deals with the issue of prejudice in his books, and all countries are still dealing with it today. Though it isn’t as severe as in the past, the unfairness still happens today. As seen in books, like John Steinbeck’s, human rights are violated a lot more than what many would expect, even to those least likely.
As seen in John Steinbeck’s book, people of different races are treated poorly and as if people of color aren’t equals. For instance, a student from Penn State says, “[Prejudice]
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Even after women gaining more rights and growing over the years, men are still seen as the more privileged sex. An article standing against another that says discrimination is no longer present states, “Women earn about 77 cents for every dollar men make” (Ballman). Seeing women getting paid less for the same job most likely ensures that the male population feels superior. Similarly, this issue of sexism connects to Of Mice & Men, Curly’s Wife is pushed to the side whenever she tries to talk or be with other men beside Curly. Steinbeck makes it out as though Curly thinks his wife is his property and tells her not to make conversation with the other ranch hands. Seeing that Curly acts as her owner makes it obvious that he feels like the superior sex overall. In other words, Ballman’s article and Steinbeck’s show of Curly’s marriage allows for a spotlight on the sexism that happens and how it affects them differently. This “rule” in society that women are inferior boasts men’s egos and shuts down women’s self value or makes them fight for
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