Sexism In Lisbeth Lipari's A Raisin In The Sun

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Beneatha first finds herself struggling with sexism as she dreams of becoming a doctor. Lisbeth Lipari, a journalist, writes on how A Raisin in the Sun comments on racism and classism, but fails to mention the obvious sexism laced throughout (Lipari 87). During this time, overwhelmingly, women held the position of “stay at home mom” rather than a powerful position such as a doctor, societies opinion leads her family to believe the same—she is not doctor material. Her family’s opposition displays itself after Beneatha wakes and greets her family. Walter, Beneatha’s brother, asks her how school is going, Beneatha responds, “Lovely. Lovely. And you know, biology is the greatest…,” and Walter responds “I just wondered if you made up your mind and

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