Sexism In Magazines

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Arlan Henry
Professor Jung Ha Kim
Writing Assignment #4 In today’s mass media women and men are both depicted in such ways that would be considered sexism by some people. Women in this country are reminded of the pressure to fit into the traditional female role that society has accepted as the “female place” in the household structure. Popular “women’s” magazines (Vogue, Good Housekeeping, Cosmopolitan, and Maxim) and other mass media have depicted women in traditional sex roles such as slim, attractive, and flawless models or as a homemaker who cooks for the household and who’s entire life revolves around children and the family. Showing the traditional role in such a way as magazines do has caused a narrow and one tracked mindset for the
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Men’s magazines usually depict men in positions of power who are well groomed and give off the impression on wealth. The women in the magazine are shown to throw themselves at the men and seem to sexually surrender themselves. This establishes the the traditional role of how women are below men. It also gives men the mindset on if they dress similar to the models in the magazine they will have women submitting themselves to him and any desires they may have. Despite the difference between the two types of magazines the audience is trying to get, both present women in similar ways by sexualizing…show more content…
Magazines cause gender socialization to be learned in a negative way as setting a standard young girls have to uphold. African American young girls could develop self-esteem issues because of magazines not showing black as beautiful as a white woman. White women are the highlight of popular women’s magazines and this could cause the young girls to feel as if being black is not good enough to be considered beautiful. This may cause many races (not only African Americans) to change themselves to “mirror” the European beauty in magazines. This could cause damage within the culture and community because the female population coud leave the old ways to become more of the American
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