Media Influence On Women

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The media plays a major role in society and how we act. The media is a powerful tool that can be used to change our mindsets, thoughts and behaviors, it has perpetuated many forms of prejudice and discrimination. For example, when a certain stereotype is portrayed in media, such as male superiority over female, it normalizes the whole idea. In the workplace females are paid less, females deal with more domestic abuse and sexual harassment in the workplace. The book states how society influences who we are, what we can do, how we act, what we believe or think about, and—central to our purposes here—how we interact with others (Rusciano 141). Although we may think it is just a show or it is just a song what we watch and hear has a major impact…show more content…
All of these reading’s talk about the power of sexism and the importance of adolescents to see positive relationships in the media. Working to prevent violence in young people’s lives must be a high priority for any of us committed to creating a better world for the next generation and to helping young women maximize on their full potential (Worcester 258).
The media has normalized abuse against women, whether that be sexual, physical or mental abuse, which in turn I think makes it harder for women to leave the abuse. Some women who suffer abuse do not even realize that there is something wrong with the way they are being treated especially for adolescents that has seen this kind of violence their whole lives. A More Hidden Crime: Adolescent Battered Women states how important it is for adolescents to see positive relationships. "Adolescents need to see models of healthy, equal, violence-free relation- ships, in order to aim
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Physical, verbal, emotional, and sexual—are used by abusers to dominate their partners. Women are depicted in songs and films as submissive. Society must rectify how women are portrayed in the media. It is so important for the younger generation to see positive relationships, not only in the media but at home as well. Adolescents are exposed to so much violence, as stated earlier the average adolescent has witnessed approximately 26,000 murders. I love that the #Me Too movement is bringing awareness to sexual harassment in the workplace, but we must also rectify what our children and adolescents are exposed

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