Sexism In Modern Society

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Sexism is an issue that’s plagued humanity for thousands of years. In 2016 in the majority of the world, women achieve the same opportunities for education and higher learning as men do whether school, college, internet education, learning on the job etc. therefore, the very concept of the female inferiority is illogical and impractical. However, due to how deeply rooted sexism has become in society, it’s difficult to say whether progress has eliminated sexism or not. Progress has a positive connotation; it involves advancement, development, and growth into a better form of whatever focus is at hand, therefore we must evaluate the growth of our society and culture and examine whether sexism has decreased at all and if it has, whether it was the growth of our society and culture that stimulated the decrease of sexism. However, it can be difficult to assess the decrease of sexism, therefore multiple factors must be analyzed. Definitely, mindset must be analyzed and therefore modern entertainment must be analyzed to represent the speech of the people. Since women now get equal opportunities in education, we must analyze women in the workforce. However, with increasing participation in the work force, equal opportunities, globalization and forcing needs, sexism is seen as both still existent in today’s society, but also to a great extent less than it was in the past. Women’s roles in modern entertainment has changed, they are no longer side products of a man’s success, merely
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